After receiving his law degree in 1977, John Hayter returned home to North Louisiana to begin practicing law in his home town. For the next 25 years, John enjoyed great success as an attorney in small and medium size firms, gaining invaluable experience, knowledge and insight into managing a successful law practice. In 2002, John determined that his clients  would be best served by founding a new law practice under his tutelage. Over a decade later the firm continues to thrive, having earned both the respect and esteem of its clients through dedication to serving their interests first and foremost.

Over the years the firm has partnered with other accomplished attorneys in an effort to better serve our clients’ needs with the experience and expertise to best represent them. Most recently, the firm was renamed Hayter | Reynolds, after Lauren Reynolds was elevated to partner. Although she too is a North Louisiana native, prior to joining the firm, Lauren practiced law in Atlanta, Georgia for 6 years after graduating from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. While in Atlanta, Lauren’s law practice was comprised of varied and complex litigation matters for an assortment of clients that ranged from individual business owners to Fortune 500 companies.

The expertise, experience and prestige, offered through the partnership of Hayter | Reynolds, enables the firm to understand and provide for the specific needs of local interests and individual clients while providing the context and legal advice to succeed in a complex and litigious national economy.

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Our philosophy is simple. Clients come first. The firm of Hayter | Reynolds is devoted to the steadfast protection of our clients and their interests at an unprecedented value. We acknowledge that retaining expert legal council can be an ominous task, clouded with uncertainty and apprehension. Those who choose the Hayter | Reynolds law firm can take comfort in their selection. With over 45 years of combined legal representation, we have the experience to serve you well and the knowledge to do it right the first time, saving both time and money. We believe our clients will attest to the quality, expedience and results of or our legal guidance.

The firm of Hayter | Reynolds is well educated, equipped and able to handle any challenge presented. We are a law firm that is prepared and staffed to quickly render strategic guidance and representation in all designated practice areas. However, if you have an issue outside of our expertise, we will refer you to another member of the legal community who is best able to represent your interests. For that reason, you will only benefit by consulting with us on all your legal questions and needs.